About us

The name of our business, Roadnight Web Dynamics, takes its inspiration from beautiful Point Roadknight beach, on Victoria's stunning surf coast. Whilst trying to encapsulate the feeling of the region in our work, we strive to develop websites that:

  • - feel clean, fresh and professional
  • - make the complex appear simple
  • - capture your business character
  • - are affordable

We can provide a total end-to-end solution for your web and social media needs at minimal cost, leaving you to concentrate on what you do best.

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We are a small enterprise, and as such, are not burdened with many of the overheads of larger businesses. Importantly, our low overheads allow us to keep our costs as low as possible. We ensure your website will live up to your expectations and provide the best possible return for your investment. Specific services we provide are:

  • - Custom, hand-coded website design and creation
  • - Existing website rejuvenation
  • - Feature additions to existing websites
  • - Training
  • - Complete Lifetime Support

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Our origins

An exciting and long-term career in meteorological computing and data management (working with many meteorological organisations around the world), has led the owner of Roadnight Web Dynamics (Les Turner) to establish a service aimed at assisting small businesses in developing highly customised websites. Les was privileged to have spent some 12 years as an IT project manager with the Kuwait Department of Meteorology following a long career with the Australian Bureau of Meteorology.

Roadnight Web Dynamics has decades of experience in most aspects of large scale, highly available computer systems, networking, relational databases, real-time data processing systems, web technologies and development of applications to distribute essential information to the public and other users. Using our experience and your guidance, we can analyse your business and develop a new website that highlights your company’s products, philosophies, mission and brand.

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Our associates

Our trusted associates provide highly skilled and professional services as required for your website. Supporting, and collaborating with local businesses who provide specialised services, is a key underlying philosophy of our business. The following contributors have an essential role in Roadnight Web Dynamics and have our full recommendation.

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Tangent Creative


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About Tangent

Tangent Creative Marketing provides a one-stop service for all for all design, digital and print marketing solutions. Tangent is a well established local Melbourne business and we are very proud of our association with them.

Check out the Tangent Website

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Rachel's Creative Studio


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About Rachel's Creative Studio

Rachel's Creative Studio provides copywriting services on a contractural basis. Rachel focuses on one project at a time, preferring to apply all her creative energy in one burst. We utilise and recommend Rachel's expertise.

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