Frequently asked questions

The following questions address common concerns that customers have. It is the destination for finding answers to specific questions about our business operation. Do not hesitate to contact us directly if you require further explanation, or have further questions. We are always happy to assist.

  • It is nothing for one to know something unless another knows you know it.

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If you have paid Roadnight Web Dynamics for website design and build, then it is your website. No questions asked.

Further, we ensure that any CMS, library, scripts, CSS, external content etc. included in your site are either public domain, and/or appropriately licensed for use on your site.

If you opt to leave us without choosing an on-going service program, you will be required to refund us the cost of registering your domain name (provided we supplied it for you).

In addition and deviating slightly, we also ensure your site contains nothing that locks you into using Roadnight Web Dynamics ad-infinitum, although we do hope you will stay with us.

The short answer is the we use either WordPress, Joomla or Drupal with WordPress being the most commonly used. We do however, perform highly customised development in-house where an internal CMS is used. It all depends on the requirements.

There is no reason why you can't. Perhaps you have been told that " is easy..." or " can save heaps of money doing it yourself..." or "...just use product xyz, it does everything by drag and drop...". You roughly understand how the internet works and are certainly no stranger to easy to use websites, so creating a website yourself will be easy enough, won't it?

To answer this question let's consider the following analogy. Let's say you want to grow apples for example. You buy a small plot of land, dig some holes in the dirt, plant some trees and you have got yourself an orchard - easy enough. As time passes, your trees bear only small numbers of tired looking fruit. Some trees die and your investment is all but lost. A year goes by, and only then it dawns on you that perhaps there is more to it than simply planting some apple trees. In trying to figure out what went wrong, you become aware from smiling locals that there actually is a precise science involved (years of experience helps as well). It was the knowledge and consideration of a delicate balance of chemistry, soil wetness levels, soil PH levels, the local climate etc. Uhhh, if only you had known, then the actual outcomes would more than likely to have matched your desired outcomes, and importantly you would not have wasted your time.

Similarly with website design and construction, if you do not have the technical background and experience, then the chances are you will not be aware of all factors involved in building a seamlessly functioning and fruitful website. Before you embark on a do-it-yourself quick-fix, consider whether your expectations match your level of expertise and whether you really have the time to devote to getting it right. Is it enough the have your website look OK on the surface, or do want your website to really perform for you in terms of converting site visits to sales? If the later applies, then do you understand the technical expertise required to achieve this? You may want to consider enlisting the services of an expert such as Roadnight Web Dynamics. We guarantee you a website that is high performance, technically sound and based on decades of experience in web technologies. We will ensure that your website meets your expectations and provides you with a good return for your investment.

Most definitely provided your site is built with a Content Management System (CMS).

Costs and ongoing fees

Roadnight Web Dynamics a standard, affordable, flat charge for custom built websites optioned according to the level of support you require. See our pricing model. You can choose not to continue with support at anytime. If you do choose to continue with us (among other benefits), you will receive unlimited updates and a complete site rebuild after 12 months.

Roadnight Web Dynamics offer 3 levels of ongoing support. See our ongoing services fees. The level of support chosen depends on the options you require in your website.


We provide phone support 08:00 to 20:00 EST, Mon-Fri or can be contacted anytime by email. See the support section of our contact page for details.

Yes, we do...via Search Engine Optimisation. We put considerable effort into recognising how your customers and clients think, and about how and what they might search in search engines (e.g Google). We include professional copywriting in our list of inclusions, which is part of our strategy to market your site by raising search rankings in search engines.


Project management

Roadnight Web Dynamics is a small business founded on decades of in-depth technical and IT project management experience. We are completely fluent and experienced in major web technologies and really love what we do. We intend to grow in terms of the size of our team, dependant on the volume of work projected. We would never consider out-sourcing our work in anyway and will therefore induct talented team members as needed. We guarantee that your website will be developed by the Roadnight Web Dynamics team.

We guarantee your website will be up and running within 10 working days of receipt of your confirmation to proceed. This applies to standard fixed cost websites, which are detailed here. Any further customisations or option inclusions may extend the period of the project, however we will make you aware of such extensions when we provide a quotation.